Childbirth Preparation One Day Course

One Day Childbirth Preparation course is for couples and presented in Rotterdam.

During the course we look at the different aspects of pregnancy, labor, birth and the early days of parenthood, making a Birthplan. Also we will learn about breathing and relaxing and of course this will be practiced.

Of course it will be necessary to practice more at your home.

It is a practical preparation for birth: to get all tools to cope with labor. All stages of labor with positions, pushing techniques, postnatal period will be explained.
There is also attention for the role of the expecting partner. Their support can really make a difference during the birth of the baby.

We continue after a few weeks with an additional ZOOM appointment so you can ask all the questions that might popped up in the meantime and repeat all the breathing techniques.

Courses are, of course, presented in English.


The childbirth preparation course offers:

  • Information about the labor process and what follows
  • Preparing for the birth of your child as a couple
  • Chance to build a relationship with other mums and dads-to-be
  • Small groups in a welcoming environment
  • Get your questions answered
  • How the health system works around childbirth in The Netherlands
  • Pain relief, what are the possibilities in the Netherlands
  • The role of midwives
  • Place of birth
  • Attitude towards contractions and pain
  • Relaxation, breathing and massage exercises in the first stage of labour
  • Dilatation, what happens in your body
  • Use of a birth ball
  • Pushing in different positions
  • Instrumental assisted delivery (vacuum extraction, caesarean section)
  • Breastfeeding information (limited)
  • Information about Kraamzorg
  • First week of motherhood
  • Dutch habits and customs



All dates subject to change


Saturday 10:00 – 17:00 uur


Verloskundige Centrum Bergweg
Bergweg 136
3036 BJ Rotterdam

Cost: € 200,00